Services.  Welcome to the Timeless dreams services page.  In addition to being an online gallery, we are also developing unique technical capabilities to help today's artists preserve their work and move their creativity forward.  Scroll through this page to find the latest offerings.
Archival Photography
camera set-up image #1
camera set-up image #2 A state-of-the-art full spectrum lighting system replicates natural mid-morning sun for colors that are crisp, vibrant, alive.  With today's evolving print technology, it is now possible to create copies that are nearly indistinguishable from original work.  Many of the prints available from Timeless Dreams utilize this process.  Whether you plan to market your work or to simply preserve it for posterity, the fear of damaging or losing your originals can be a thing of the past.  The best news of all – This archival process is now affordable for the working artist, private collectors, curators, small gallery owners, consumers.  We offer it as a service.   Flexible rates. By appointment only:
Fire, earthquake, flood... Preserving artwork against the destructive forces of nature and time can be daunting and frustrating. For centuries artisans have struggled to protect priceless creations from deterioration.   Today's digital technology offers hope for capturing and preserving the essence of creative work at the moment of completion.  Timeless Dreams founder Ralph Steiner has developed a unique method for digitally preserving large format paintings and other pictorial works.  A room-sized high definition scanner photographs large images incrementally to produce digital files that are virtually identical to the original. This process is remarkably free of geometric distortion.  A camera outfitted with a distortion-free macro lens is positioned close enough to the work to capture detail "down to the brush stroke and canvas weave." Dozens of mosaic frames are then tiled together in Photoshop to create a composit image that is virtually indistinguishable from the original.