Purchasing.  Works displayed on Timeless Dreams can be purchased via this site, and we will ship all items directly to you.  There are a number of formats to choose from, including whether or not the work is framed, whether it is an original or a reproduction.  Click each artist’s banner to be taken to a purchase page listing the options of sale and all of that provider’s conditions.  Art forms other than still images, such as music, spoken word or video may be downloadable directly from a purchase page.  In most situations, payment is made directly to Timelessdreams.com.  Proceeds are then forwarded directly to the artist.  In other cases, we simply link to a participating artist’s pre-existing e-commerce site, and transactions can be conducted according to that site’s procedures.
Ralph Steiner, Visionary Realist
Paintings by Daniel Marlin
Adomant/Sonicbloom Hip-Hop

"Ralph Steiner, Visionary Realist" purchase page link "Adomant" CD purchase page link https://www.beatport.com/label/cfo-recordings/12186 "Heart of Ardor: Paintings by Daniel Marlin" purchase page link