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Welcome to Timelessdreams.com, a virtual gallery that places the artist first.

This web site and the services it provides were created to represent a new generation of artists and cultural workers dedicated to achieving a more humane and livable world. It was created upon the assumption that art CAN help to change the world by changing the ways that we think, feel and relate to one another.

Our Commitments to You:

• To facilitate access to new art that provokes, inspires, uplifts and cajoles. To seek out contemporary work that is challenging, courageous, innovative and relevant.

• To provide sponsorship, support, representation and marketing for emerging artists that bypass the corporate-driven art-as-consumer-product model. The intent is to step outside of the “art ghetto” by taking new art directly to a public that rarely frequents galleries and museums.

• To build community and to foster livelihood among working artists. To network between arts communities and communities of other cultural and intellectual pursuits.

• To build bridges between creative endeavors that honor diversity and multiplicity; to foster an interdisciplinary exchange.

Expanding All Boundaries

Today’s art forms are multimedia in nature. Digital information and communication technologies have expanded the artist’s palette to enable the merging of traditional and cutting-edge communication tools. Painters can be filmmakers can be web designers can be poets can be musicians, dancers, architects... There is an explosion of popular expression and it is bursting out in all modalities. Fortunately the Internet permits all of them to coexist side by side under one digital roof.

Timeless Dreams is a multimedia showcase. We recognize and embrace the ever-shifting forms of artistic communication. This permits us to gather together visionaries of common interest and focus regardless of the art forms that they practice. This complimentary juxtaposition enables cross pollination of ideas and the creation of working partnerships.

Selection Process

We are seeking artists of conviction and quality whose work embraces passion, empathy, spirituality, social justice, environmental sustainability, a sense of magic, mystery and joy, visions of the human future. We are looking for participants willing to be controversial and take conceptual risks. Quality, vision and communicability are our selection criteria. What your work is about, your artistry in executing it, it’s overall accessibility, are more important to us than your name or reputation. An artist’s celebrity status is of no consequence. We are looking for work that will deeply move and speak to ordinary people, and thereby revitalize the arts themselves.

Works may be submitted by e-mail as either links to artists’ personal web sites, or be sent directly as JPEG images, video clips, audio files, manuscript excerpts.

Upon acceptance, a Contract between Timeless Dreams and the Artist shall stipulate the duration of the active exhibition and specify the services that the Gallery shall provide.

Once participation begins, either party may terminate the relationship by providing written notice via e-mail 24 hours ahead of when the termination of services are to take effect. At that time, the on-line exhibition shall be closed and the Artist’s display removed from the web site. All materials that are in possession of Timeless Dreams shall then be returned to the Artist within 5 business days.

Participating artists retain full copyright and ownership of their work.

E-mail all applications to: timelessdreams@comcast.net

Acceptance, Display and Marketing

Once accepted, we work closely with the Artist to develop, customize and build that person’s showcase section within our web site and to actively promote the online exhibition. Each web site section is created to represent the ambiance that the artist wishes to convey, just as though a physical gallery were preparing a showroom dedicated to each artist whose work is represented.

A 2% of final sale price gallery commission is charged when works are sold utilizing the e-commerce services of Timelessdreams.com. This is to offset point-of-sale on-line processing and fulfillment which includes the packaging and shipping of the work.

If a work is sold directly by the Artist to a Patron where the Artist receives direct payment and is completely responsible for product delivery, no gallery commission is charged.

Timeless Dreams will send out e-mail notices announcing each artist’s exhibition, and will actively network those announcements onto complimentary web sites and electronic bulletin board services. Metadata will be sent to the major search engines to help promote each artists’ work via Google, Yahoo!, and other outlets. We shall also manage the placement of listings onto eBay, Amazon, and other vendor sites with whom Timeless Dreams does business.

Expanded Marketing Program

Participants wishing to engage in a more prominent marketing strategy may opt for the production of animated web pages, pay-for-click advertising banners and product placement e-mails targeting selected on-line and off-line art outlets. The fee for the Expanded Marketing Program is $50/month.

Timeless Dreams will work directly with those artists to customize an Expanded Marketing Program meeting their need for robust outreach.

Artists seeking to launch an Expanded Marketing Program may inquire by e-mailing:

Sale and Remittance

All proceeds derived from the sale of work via e-commerce services provided by Timelessdreams.com shall promptly be remitted to the Artist within 5 business days of purchase completion, minus a 2% gallery commission. Remittance is contingent upon verifying and receiving full payment from the Patron.

Timeless Dreams will ship all items purchased on our site to the Patron within 5 business days providing that the items are within our possession within 48 hours of the time of purchase.

Shipping and delivery times may vary for on-demand print orders, or for orders requiring mounting and framing. Timeless Dreams shall provide both the Artist and the Patron with prompt e-mail notification concerning any delays or changes to the delivery schedule once a purchase has been approved and completely verified.

Timeless Dreams shall provide both the Patron and the Artist with shipping tracking numbers once merchandise is sent.

Mutual Commitments and Responsibilities

Timeless Dreams is dedicated to protecting your right to freedom of speech and to upholding the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We will not censor you.

We are however, likewise committed to protecting the innocent from exploitation, hatred and violence. We cannot accept work that is openly pornographic or exploitative in nature, nor shall we sanction the promulgation of hate speech, advocacy of violence or defamation against any individual, group or population.

Anyone providing such harmful material for display shall receive a written Termination of Service notice and the corresponding exhibition shall be closed.

Participating artists may not utilize the services of our web site for the sale of illegal substances, prostitution, human trafficking, weapons, or unlawful financial transactions. Evidence suggesting that such activities may be taking place is grounds for immediate termination of services, and would constitute grounds for contacting law enforcement authorities.

We are absolutely committed to protecting the privacy of both participating Artists and Patrons. We shall never sell, exchange or distribute our database to marketing firms, advertising agencies or institutions claiming to be acting on behalf of official authorities.

We shall never retain copies of consigned art work in either digital or physical form after the period designated by an effective Contract. Following termination of services, all materials and data shall be returned to the Artist and purged from our web site.

The Artist and the Gallery may from time to time, enter into an Agreement of Retention whereby Timeless Dreams will, for a limited period of time, retain materials provided to the Gallery by the Artist. If for example, an artist wishes to place an exhibition on hiatus, such a written agreement would stipulate the duration of inactive custody, and would also stipulate specifically when active participation would either resume or formal termination would take effect.

Upon request, Timeless Dreams may provide participating artists with secure communication and e-mail services. These password-protected mail boxes are provided free for the duration of active participation.

The names, banners, logos, domains and URLs: Timeless Dreams, Timeless Dreams Visionary Gallery, Timelessdreams.com, Timelessdreams.biz, Timelessdreams.org, Timelessdreams.net are all registered trademarks of Timeless Dreams Visionary Gallery, and cannot be used by unaffiliated individuals without express written permission. Participants who are currently exhibiting may use these monikers to publicize their exhibition and to direct traffic to the web site for the duration of their affiliation with the Gallery. Following termination of services, written permission is required for the continued use of these names in conjunction with personal promotions, resumés, retrospectives, etc. Continued unauthorized use of the monikers is prohibited.

Timeless Dreams reserves the right to deny service to any participant for violating the protocols and responsibilities outlined in this Charter.

Timeless Dreams may from time to time enter into mediation to resolve any disputes that could arise concerning the nature or intent of a Contract or in executing the terms of this Charter.

We enter into our relationships with participating artists in good faith and with the intent of fostering mutual support that benefits both parties.

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