The Dream Behind Timeless Dreams

We are living in perhaps the most dangerous and promising time in human history.

Endless global warfare, poverty and environmental destruction on an unimaginable scale threaten to reshape our world and imperil our very survival.

At the same time another world is rising. That fledgeling world is one of wildly innovative vision and unpredictable creativity.

It is the world of our growing global awareness, our shared planetary reality, and it promises to change the direction of our civilization.

It is a formative world largely unseen by mainstream media, but that is about to change.

Signs of this new world are all around us now, and they are reflected in the arts.

Throughout the millennia the arts have aimed a mirror at our collective spirit. They have provided expression for our aspirations and hungers. They have been the language whereby we can affirm who we truly are and what we believe at our deepest core.

Timeless Dreams Visionary Gallery was created to showcase new art that speaks directly to the complete human experience, to give voice to transformative vision.

This web site and the services it shall provide are meant as a sanctuary for those struggling to articulate a new paradigm, an emerging view of humanity's role in a dynamic living Universe.

In this creative space, no boundaries separate art from science, spirituality from activism, community from personal search. This is a space for cross pollinating ideas, for building networks of mutual support, for exploring hidden truth and for waging celebration.

Thanks to the digital revolution and the Internet's multimedia nature, all forms of artistic expression can be displayed here. As the site evolves, we shall feature traditional visual arts along side of music, spoken word, performance videos, independent film, literary and journalistic expression, voyages to the far side of human knowledge.

If this be a hub, you provide the spokes.

It is also a venue promoting livelihood. For many of us in the arts, "making a living" and remaining true to our ideals can be onerous, painful and difficult. If we can support and promote one another's efforts, then all participants can benefit from the collective freedom of remuneration. And so there is e-commerce, specifically designed to provide maximum support for the working artist.

Timeless Dreams participating artists are dedicated to building a better world. A portion of proceeds from the sale of art from this site goes to benefit nonprofit groups working to save our planet and to end human suffering. (Click here to find out.)

Participants who display works on retain full copyright and ownership of their creations. To cover the costs of payment and fulfillment, there is a very small gallery commisssion. A more extensive multimedia promotion package allows you to increase your outreach as your budget permits.
(Read our Charter of Operations and conditions here.)

This is a people's multimedia gallery, created to support individual artists and communities of cultural workers. As such, it's most effective resource is word-of-mouth promotion and your active participation.

As a people's gallery, we use the decentralized power of the Internet to connect your artistic creations to thousands of like minded artists, cultural workers and patrons who can benefit directly by finding out about you and acquiring your work.

We help to promote the works of individual artists by networking and exchanging links with other web sites and art communities. We represent our participating artists much like a traditional gallery does, and we provide fulfillment services for the sale of copies and originals.

Together we can build a virtual support community that strengthens the autonomy of working artists while transporting our visions outward. That is our dream, and you are invited.

Enjoy your visit!

Ralph Steiner
Founder and Curator