Credits.  There are countless individuals and organizations that have inspired and mentored this project, but a few have made significant and very specific contributions:  To my life partner, who wishes not to be cited, for her tireless faith, optimism and encouragement – to the point of sacrificing our home’s dining room to enable the photographing of large works of art.  Adomant (Adam J. Steiner), Hip-Hop recording artist, performer, MC and lyricist, for needling his Dad to simply “do it!”, and for providing strategic inspiration.  Sonicbloom, a remarkable Northern California new wave Hip-Hop collective, currently Adam’s collaborators and roommates, whose multi-dimensional music is featured on our home page.  The song “Savage Word Hermits” appears curtsey of CFO Recordings.   To all of the great and free spirits of openess, creativity and surprise that cohabit this  blue orb with us...  Blessings and joy upon you.   Ralph Steiner web site link "Back to Contact" page link