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Images.  Originally working in the traditional media of oil and acrylic, Ralph Steiner has incorporated digital imaging technology into his palette of tools.  Computer software has enabled him to finish compositions that would otherwise have taken many years to render on canvas.  Most of his electronically created images serve as studies for works that will eventually be hand painted.  Those images are presented along side of completed canvasses.    Limited editions of Steiner’s images are available as high-definition Giclée prints to paper or canvas.  These reproductions are of exceptional quality, virtually identical to an original.  Giclée, pronounced “zhee-clay”, is a French term meaning “spray of ink”.  Each reproduction is carefully rendered by microscopic ink droplets many times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.  This process is able to capture the full depth, color, contrast and texture of the original.  For oil or acrylic paintings, the process captures the entire feel of the original canvas.  For digital compositions, Giclée prints represent the highest quality rendering.  They constitute originals in their own right.  Each print is personally signed by the artist.  Reproductions on glossy paper are either shipped rolled in protective tubes, or they can be mounted on a rigid light weight adhesive board, crated and shipped flat.  Reproductions on canvas cannot be mounted on adhesive board, but they can be mounted on traditional stretcher bars and sent ready to frame.  Custom framing is available upon request.  Neither the artist nor Timeless Dreams maintains an inventory of reproductions.  Giclée prints are created upon demand.  Payment in full is therefore required at the point of purchase, with the costs of mounting, crating and shipping factored into the final sale price.  Prices are subject to change without notice due to volatile printing and shipping costs.  Click each thumbnail for a larger view.  On-line orders can be processed at that point.

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