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 Imagine A World Transformed   Timeless Dreams exclusively showcases the work of visionary realist Ralph Steiner.  Environmentalist, social activist, radio journalist, poet and painter, Steiner's interdisciplinary work spans more than 40 years of fighting for justice and a livable world.   An early advocate of what is now called Deep Ecology, Steiner openly challenged militarism and the destructive patterns of warfare and violence in 1968 when he refused conscription into the armed forces at the height of the Vietnam War.  As a Conscientious Objector he argued that modern warfare is not only destroying people, it is destroying the Earth's ability to support all forms of life.  Ralph has continued to utilize his communication skills to educate and empower citizens to take personal responsibility toward ending violence within themselves and within the human community.  "If we can learn to recognize and to celebrate our diversity, then we can begin to heal the human spirit.  And with that healing, a remarkable future can unfold.  One that is unimaginably awesome and inspiring.  It's that deeper vision of our potential, that's what I seek to communicate to all who may listen, all who are willing to look.  That future lives as a dream within us now.  We need only to open our hearts and to breathe it awake."    – Ralph Steiner "Continue" link