"Heart of Ardor"  Paintings by Daniel Marlin
Rainbow Bar
You are about to enter a deeply personal and lyrical world.     Timeless Dreams is honored to present the art of Daniel Marlin.Poet and Peace activist, Dan Marlin’s artistic journey began more than 40 years ago in New York City. Since then, he’s recorded his impressions of the fog-shrouded hills behind Berkeley, California; of Japanese rivers and streets; of faces, mountains and moons in Colombia and Venezuela; of cats in their elegant, shifting poses; of poignant, ironic moments in the stories of the Old Testament, and, in a journey of the narrative imagination, of tailor and seamstress angels at sewing machines.     This is a world of the very large contained within the very small. Indeed, many of Dan’s original paintings are no larger than a postcard.     There are echoes in this work of the biblical story-paintings of Marc Chagall, of the great French Impressionists Monet and Renoir, of the African American master of collage Romare Bearden, and of the delicate brushwork and block printing of Japanese masters.  Dan writes: “Art is a journey of discovery. On it I have come to the crisscross of tall oatgrass, coyote brush releasing its floating winter blossoms, to the pale trunks of California buckeye in the hills above Berkeley; as well as to the leaves of silver maple behind the West End Temple, a few blocks from where I grew up, in Neponsit, New York. In the  hours of art’s quiet attendance, I’ve watched my own thoughts unfold. Drawing has helped me see glowing narrative in the everyday and humble, allowed me to touch the world with intimacy and reverence.” "Continue" link