Timeless Dreams is pleased to announce biannual award citations to be given to individuals and groups dedicated to achieving positive change in our world.

We live in difficult and challenging times. It is vitally important to openly recognize those who are making a real difference.

Those eligible are working to protect our planet’s environment, to end human suffering and injustice, while furthering the cause of universal human rights.

Citations will be announced on the Internet and notifications will be sent to international news media. Recipients will be featured for a month on the Timeless Dreams home page.

Each award citation will be accompanied by a large printed copy of the painting Refractions, by Ralph Steiner, which depicts our world and the entire human family reflected within a tiny drop of water.

The awards will be announced twice yearly on the Winter and Summer Solstice, as we celebrate the renewal of life and hope.

Please join us acknowledging and welcoming our true planetary heros and untarnished dreamers. May we learn from our best examples.

Click here for a list of recipients.